At the AEOLOS BEACH HOTEL, our main goal is to meet the expectations of our customers and partners.


As the unprecedented global developments associated with the coronavirus COVID-19 are still in progress, we would like to assure you that we are closely monitoring the situation and following the decisions and directions of the National Health Organization and all relevant regulations published by the Greek Government.


  • The hotel covers an area of ~75.000s.m. It benefits by a rare ~600 meter sea front coast line. The hotel campus vastly extends in 23 bungalow buildings, each consisting of 7 or 8 rooms only.
  • The above property characteristics enables our guests to relax in tranquility and privacy during their entire stay. The beach front experience offered, is second to none in Kos island.
  • Our seafront hotel offers not only direct access to a long coast but also a wide selection of outdoor pools and spacious grassy gardens.
  • The hotel is only 4km from the city of Kos and the central shopping area of the island. Guests can move around by car or public transportation. If you prefer to leave a zero carbon footprint, Kos is also renowned for its safe and flat bicycle lanes.


  • All measures are taken in order to keep the direct physical contact between customers and staff to a minimum.
  • Online Check-in via app.
  • The distance between tables and chairs is at least two meters in restaurants and F&B departments, as well as between the sunbeds by the swimming pools.
  • Strict adherence to personal hygiene rules by the staff.
  • Strict cleaning rules that include:
  • Stricter measures in the process of cleaning rooms, with approved procedures.
  • Removal of objects that may be a source of infection.
  • More frequent cleaning and disinfection in common areas, such as reception, lobby, catering, back of the house.
  • A room that has been checked out, is not checked in by other guests on the same day.
  • Disinfection of room refrigerators.
  • Disinfection of air conditioners & ventilation systems.
  • The air conditioners of the hotel are of a closed-circuit type, fan coil and VRV technology. (I.e. there are no channels and air ducts that allow the transfer of air from one space to another).
  • Installation of disinfectant gel dispensers in critical points of all public areas, corridors and toilets.
  • More frequent airing of common areas and rooms.
  • Frequent emptying of trash cans.
  • Staff is trained to disinfect their hands regularly, wear masks and gloves.
  • We extend the operating hours of facilities and services for the safety of the customers and in order to avoid overcrowding.
  • Temperature control of staff, customers and suppliers by means of non-contact forehead thermometers.
  • Continuous collaboration with customers. Information and testing for any symptoms.
  • Selection of suppliers and products by applying strict hygiene criteria.
  • Measures to avoid overcrowding.
  • Cooperation with a company providing medical services as well as with the Hippocrates Public Hospital of Kos island.
  • Strict rules for the preparation and serving of food.
  • Strict adherence to pool control and disinfection.
  • Continuous information on security protocols.
  • Continuous control of staff’s health.